Grindelwald Personalities

  1. Leading personalities in the Grindelwald local council
  2. Grindelwald personalities in leading canton and government positions
  3. Samuel Brawand, cantonal Government Minister from Grindelwald
  4. National Members of Parliament and a Federal Counsellor (Cabinet Minister) from Grindelwald
  5. The clergyman, Gottfried Strasser
  6. Honorary citizen from Grindelwald

Samuel Brawand, cantonal Government Minister from Grindelwald

Samuel Brawand began his political career as a municipal councillor of Grindel- wald. Between 1933 and 1935, he was a member of the cantonal Parliament re- presenting the Social Democratic party.

In 1935, he stood office as a member of the National Assembly until he was elected as a cantonal government minister in 1947.

He held office as head of the governing body for building and railways for 15 years. For two terms, he was cantonal government President, first from 1950/51 and again from 1961/62. When he left his government position, he was honoured as a doctor honoris causa by the University of Berne. In 1955, he returned as a member of the National Assembly until 1967. He was president of the commission for roadplanning, which was responsible for the freeway net of Switzerland. After retiring from the government in 1962, Mr Brawand ran the Bern-Lötschberg-Simplon Bahn as the director for 6 years. Dated the 2nd December 1961 he got honored by the Grindelwald community as a honorary citizen for his big merits.

Cantonal Government Minister
Samuel Brawand
May 18, 1898 - July 11, 2001

In his chalet "bim Ahoren" in Bodmi, he enjoyed his retirement. He was commended for his efforts in helping to preserve the local dialect. With his exceptional memory, this deserving honorary citizen of Grindelwald knew stories from earlier days that have long been forgotten by most. At the age of 103 years Samuel Brawand died the 11th July 2001 in Grindelwald.

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