Building activity in Grindelwald

The development of the tourist trade brought with it a building boom in Grindelwald. To maintain the character of Grindelwald as a mountain farming village, building regulations were formulated to ensure that any new buildings were built in accordance to the required style. The last version of these regulations was drafted in 1998.

In 2002, planning permission was given to a total of 128 projects. As a direct result of the building expansion, the local authority had to provide the corresponding infrastructure that was needed. It is for this reason, that the local authority now owns about 36 km of mains pipeline, 32 km of sewerage and drainage pipeline and 12 km of fresh water pipeline, as well as 297 hydrants and 325 street lamps. The total pipeline length corresponds to about the distance from Grindelwald to Rubigen.

At this point in time, there are a total of 4'330 buildings to be found in Grindelwald, of which 1'848 are lived in and 2'482 are unoccupied (barns, garages, etc.).

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